The historic Milan aperitif never stops: year after year, while remaining true to its heritage, it renews its image in stores and bars around the world thanks to limited editions, brand activations and special events which involve different communication tools from packaging to PR. RBA Design has developed the label design and key visuals for the last two editions of the global Art Label, and the Italian special edition dedicated to Milan, Capital of the Aperitif. Simultaneously, in order to strengthen the bitter’s identity and brand equity at an international level, we have updated and revised the brand manual, enriched with new key visuals, backgrounds and patterns, as well as with the shooting of the 12 cocktails featured in the 2015 calendar.

  • label design (Art Label Limited Edition)
  • key visuals (Art Label Limited Edition, Campari Bitter)
  • institutional backgrounds and patterns
  • cocktail shooting
  • production follow-up
  • brand manual



Campari Art Label Project is an initiative, conceived for the celebration of Campari’s 150th anniversary and still successful today, that confirms the brand’s bond with art and its multiple expressions. Year after year, the label becomes the protagonist, giving artists a space to express themselves and celebrating their creative relationship with the Campari brand. RBA Design has successfully organised the last two editions: the 2014 collection, a modern and colourful revamping of three works by Fortunato Depero, in the wake of the long partnership between Campari and the great Futurist; and the 2015 triptych, which modulates in impactful colour combinations the sketch of Campari pavilion designed by Depero in 1933, for an international exhibition that took place in that year in Milan.